Do you need SPF on your scalp?

Do you need SPF on your scalp?

Although it may seem unusual at first, applying sunscreen to your hair and scalp is a good idea. It turns out, hair sunscreen does exist.

Additionally, it has various advantages that have been supported by science. Like with skin, UV radiation can harm hair, possibly even the hair follicle. It turns out that spending too much time in the sun can harm the hair's structure and color, and that the scalp also must be shielded from the sun.

While outside, applying SPF to your scalp and hair can be just as crucial as applying SPF to your skin. Before heading outside, apply sunscreen to your part and around your hairline to prevent harm to your scalp.

The skin on the scalp can burn in the sun just like the skin on the rest of our bodies, which increases the chance of developing skin cancer. Depending on the density of the hair, the hair does offer some level of protection for the scalp, but not complete protection. Many overlook the fact that the scalp functions in the same way as your body's skin.

Types of sun protection for the scalp

It should go without saying that you should include sunscreen for your hair and scalp in your daily routine.

However, applying your regular sunscreen to your hair is probably not a good idea.

In general, you have four choices for protecting your hair and scalp from the sun:

  • Powdered Sunscreen

  • Spray Sunscreen

  • Creams and Lotions

  • Hats and Scarves

Powdered Sunscreen

Powders are an incredibly lightweight solution to protect your hair and scalp from the sun without weighing down your style. They can also add a little volume and absorb extra oil.

You can try Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-On Shield SPF 50

Spray Sunscreen

After powders, sprays are the lightest product. Additionally, they can be a fantastic way to add moisture, gloss, and bounce.

Try Arkive Head Care Hair Primer.

Creams and lotions

The heaviest options are creams and lotions. If you're going for a dip, they are best. They offer a more substantial coating of defence that resists washing away in water.

Try Sachajuan Hair in the Sun

Hats and scarves

If you don't want to add additional product to your hair, you can always choose to cover your top with a hat or scarf.

How to apply hair sunscreen

If you decide to use a powder-based SPF on your scalp, make sure to read the instructions carefully. 

  1. When the hair is dry, apply the powder along the part line.

  2. Gently rub in the powder with your fingertips.

The application process for sunscreen spray for hair is rather straightforward.

  1. Be sure your hair is dry (unless the instructions tell you to use the product on damp hair).

  2. Distribute the product evenly throughout the hair by misting it from root to tip.

  3. To make sure the product coats the entire hair shaft; you might want to comb or brush the hair after application.

Some lotions and creams function the same way as traditional sunscreen: Just massage it in.

Other products might need to be rinsed out after being left in for a certain amount of time. Make sure you thoroughly read and follow to the instructions on the package.

Although you might think of sunscreen as a skin care product, it can also have many positive effects on your hair and scalp. Use a hair and scalp sunscreen if you're going outside in the sun to protect your scalp and hair.



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