What is my Hair Type?

What is my Hair Type?

Hair is often classified into two types: hair type and hair curl pattern. The type number (1, 2, 3, 4) specifies how your hair originates from the follicle of your scalp while wet. This can be straight, wavy, curly, or coily. Each individual wave, curl, or coil's thickness and width are described by the letter (A, B, C). It is also common for people to have a combination of hair textures and types on their heads.


TYPE A: Wider, Looser Curls TYPE B: Medium Width Curls TYPE C: Tight Curls


Type 1

1A: Straight hair with no bends in the hair

1B: Straight hair with a subtle bend in the hair

1C: Straight hair with a moderate bend in the hair

Hair Care for Type 1 Hair

You must avoid shampooing your type 1 hair too frequently. Excessive shampooing causes your scalp to create extra sebum, resulting in greasy, unnecessarily glossy hair. Choose a lightweight leave-in conditioner of high quality, especially if you use heat styling products to add volume and curl to your straight hair.

Type 2


2A: Fine hair with a subtle “S” pattern that forms loose waves

2B: Loose “S” pattern throughout. Hair is more wavy than curly

2C: Loose spiral curls with a more defined “S” pattern from root to tip. The coarsest of Type 2 hair type

Hair Care for Type 2 Hair

One approach to reducing frizz is to avoid towel-drying your hair. While it's normal to want to get out of the shower and towel dry your hair, doing so actually damages your wavy hair and adds extra frizz. Instead of a towel, wring out your hair before leaving the shower. Then, either let it drip dry or use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer if you're in a rush. If you must use a towel, consider a bamboo or microfiber hair towel over a scratchy cotton one. Your hairbrush is another source of frizz. To avoid frizz, use a wide-tooth comb when your hair is damp.

Type 3

3A: Loose curls that spring when dry

3B: Well-defined spiral curls that are springy

3C: Tight corkscrew curls that are the coarsest of the Type 3 hair

Hair Care for Type 3 Hair

Styling your hair with heat may give you the desired look for a day, but it might damage your naturally dry type 3 hair over time.  This is because the structure of type 3 curls stops scalp oils from efficiently flowing down the hair shaft. Heat style causes dried-out curls, split ends, and breakage. Shampooing your naturally curly hair too regularly also dries it out. When you go to bed, wear a satin cap over your curls to keep the moisture in your hair. Another option is to sleep on a satin pillowcase to prevent your curls from being entangled in harsh fabric fibers.

Type 4

4A: Well-defined, tight coils

4B: Tight coils that have a zig-zag curl pattern in a “Z” shape

4C: Hair has no real curl pattern and less definition (not a curl and not a wave). The tightest and coarsest of Type 4 hair

Hair Care for Type 4 Hair

Moisture is the most important requirement for type 4 hair.  Although type 4A hair maintains moisture effectively, it is nonetheless prone to dryness. A good leave-in conditioner is an excellent method to keep your hair hydrated throughout the day.  Detangle with a hydrating leave-in conditioner and apply style tools to bring out the best in your type 4B curls. Hair of type 4C ranges from kinky and coarse to cotton soft. As type 4C hair's extra-tight coils produce excessive dryness, nourish your curls with oils and butters to watch your kinks and coils shine.  The thirst for type 4 kinky hair is real, so it is important to keep hydration in your hair! Deep condition your hair twice a month to promote growth and healthy curls. In the meanwhile, a lightweight leave-in conditioner is ideal for keeping your hair moisturized and your curls popping.

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