6 Tips for protecting and maintaining your hair at Night

6 Tips for protecting and maintaining your hair at Night

Healthy hair care does not end when you go to bed! If you think that bleaching or overheating your hair is the only method to damage it, you're wrong. The way you care for your hair while you sleep may have an impact on its look and health, so it's vital to think about what to do (and what not to do) with your strand while you sleep. We're going to show you how to protect and maintain your beautiful hair at night!


Detangle Your Hair Before Bed

Brushing your strands properly is one of the simplest ways to preserve your hair at night. This will untangle your hair and distribute its natural oils evenly from root to tip. You should use a wide-tooth comb to eliminate knots and tangles from damp hair to avoid breaking.




Before going to bed, it's a good idea to replenish whatever moisture your hair has lost over the day. Even if you have a solid regimen of hydrating your hair on a daily basis, a small amount of Hairssential Premium Hair Oil applied at night may makes a big difference.


Switch to Scrunchies

When it comes to securing your hair for the evening, elastic hairbands are a popular choice. However, because they pull your hair back, these elastics can cause damage to your hair and scalp. Frizz and breakage are caused by this friction. Instead, use a fabric scrunchie made of silk or satin. This will reduce the friction on your hair. 



Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair

Since hair is most brittle while wet, sleeping with damp hair can cause hair breakage and damage.

Braid your hair

Braids or twists help your hair stay silky and detangled by retaining moisture. Plaits will give your hair an even structure and lovely waves while also preventing undesirable tangling.



Use a Satin Bonnet or Satin Pillowcase

Use a silk or satin bonnet or scarf after setting your hair for the night to keep it from losing moisture or snagging on standard cotton pillows. If you don't have time to finish the other stages, using satin pillowcases is the best and only option. Satin pillowcases can help with hair moisture retention. When the bonnet may fall off while sleeping, this will not be an issue if you use a satin pillowcase.

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