Why Is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil So Good For Your Hair?

Why Is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil So Good For Your Hair?

Coconuts are used to make virgin coconut oil as any coconut oil. The process adopted to extract virgin and ordinary coconut oil, on the other hand, is completely different. Regular coconut oil is derived from dried coconut kernels. The coconut is pressed, and the oil collected from it is refined and bleached before being deodorized and made suitable for use. Virgin coconut oil, on the other hand, is extracted from fresh coconut milk and does not go through the refining process that conventional coconut oil does. Virgin coconut oil is not refined and is chemical-free.

In addition, virgin coconut oil has more antioxidants than normal coconut oil. Unlike ordinary coconut oil, it is not bleached (which occurs during the refining process for regular coconut oil) or subjected to chemicals. Because virgin coconut oil is unprocessed, it has a stronger coconut smell than ordinary coconut oil. 'Extra Virgin' coconut oil is extracted without the use of chemicals from the initial pressing of fresh, raw coconut. The Extra Virgin symbolizes that the coconut oil is of the highest quality available in the market.

We've been talking about the excellent quality of cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, and you're probably asking, 'is the oil as good as you are saying?' Don't worry, we won't keep you guessing any longer; instead, we'll start with discussing the advantages of cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil for your hair.

1- Increases your hair volume

Cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil helps to stimulate hair growth by providing protection against breakage and damage. This oil will leave your hair healthy and nourished since it includes nutrients that help strengthen your hair, resulting in healthy, lush, voluminous hair!

2- Moisturizes your hair and scalp
Cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil supports in the maintaining the moisture of your hair and scalp, which is frequently lost during the dry and cold seasons. You may apply some of the oil (slightly warmed up, if desired) generously to your hair and scalp after washing, and it will work wonders for the rough and dry skin that the scalp can develop during cold and dry weather, and it also conditions your hair.


3- Prevents your hair from breaking and split ends

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil protects the hair strands from damage, which may occur with all of the products we use on a regular basis. The heat of styling items such as straightening irons or curling irons, as well as the heat of the sun, may both severely damage our hair. The oil protects against all of this by generating a layer of protection when applied to the hair.

4- Helps against greying of hair and adds shine

Our hair can begin to grey for a variety of causes, including stress, hormones, environmental damage to the hair, or a lack of nutrients, which results in the hair becoming grey at an alarming rate. Massaging the hair with a nutrient-rich oil, such as cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, will help not only transmit the goodness of the oil to your hair, but it can also enhance blood circulation to the hair, resulting in more nutrients being transferred to the hair through the blood. Consequently, your hair will appear considerably more shiny, bouncy, and healthy.


5- Helps reduce frizz in textured hair

Oils are a favorite of all curly-headed persons. If you have coarse, curly, or wavy hair, hair oils are your greatest buddies for making it more manageable! Textured hair is frequently drier than straight hair, necessitating more work and care than straight hair.


6- Prevents the formation of dandruff

The skin on the scalp can become so dry that a white and flaky, which we call dandruff. Dandruff can cause itching as well as the unpleasant appearance of a dandruff on your scalp. Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil can help combat dandruff because it includes fatty acids as well as Vitamins E and K, which are great for your scalp and help nourish it back to a condition where the dryness and dandruff disappears.


7- Soothes boils and scalp irritation

We've discussed the bad affects that cold and dry winters can have on your hair, and how cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil may assist with that problem; now let's discuss the reverse. Those of us who live in hotter climates or in locations with extremely hot summers may also face difficulties. Due to the obvious heat and moisture during those months, the scalp might develop boils and sunburns. As previously stated, the antibacterial qualities of such high-quality coconut oil helps in healing burnt and irritated skin, as well as settling boils on the scalp.


8- Offers protection from lice

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is a lifesaver for people suffering from lice infestations. It has antimicrobial characteristics that spread with the oil and discourage lice and their eggs from attaching themselves to your hair strands.

In summary, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is indeed beneficial to your hair. This component is also included in our hair oil, which is a light, vegan, organic, clean, and effective formula for boosting hair growth. Shop our products here and start your hair journey.


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